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Fax Machines, Modems, Etc.

Fax machines, modems and other devices that use an analog phone line cannot plug directly into the ports in the HPNP building. They can be used, but they require a special box that converts the digital signal into an analog phone signal. You can request one of these boxes from HealthNet.

Problem Reporting

If you experience problems with your new phone, you can report them to HealthNet. Please send a service request to HealthNet

If you think your handset is physically damaged, please be aware that you cannot simply borrow an unused handset and expect it to work just like your phone. The phones numbers are mapped to the handsets not the ports on the wall. If you borrow a handset you will get the phone number mapped to that handset, not the phone number mapped to your handset.

If your handset really has died and you need to replace it, you must contact HealthNet get the new handset mapped to the your phone number.

Moving Your New Phone

Your new phone can be moved far more easily than any wired phone you have ever used before. In the new phone system at HPNP, your phone's number is defined by the phone instead of the phone line it is connected to. If you need to move to a new office you can, within limits, take your phone with you, plug it into the network port in your new office and it will work.

That said, if you move your phone to another room please contact HealthNet and give them the new room number for your phone number.

About Your Phone

HealthNet maintains a web site on their IP phone service. Please see the HealthNet web site for more info.

Telecom Services

Effective Friday, July 1, 2005, to submit any work requests for telecommunication services, please contact CNS- Telecommunications directly at their new Work Request line at 352-273-1234 (on campus 3-1234) or via the web at
www.cns.ufl.edu/telecom .

Use this contact information for all repair requests or new installation work orders. After-hour requests for emergency telecom service can be made by calling 273-1234, as well, starting July 1, 2005.

Formerly, telecommunication work requests were submitted to Physical Plant Division's Work Management Center. To complete the transition from PPD, CNS-Telecom has deployed a new
communications services management system and an enhanced billing system for FY05.06. Additional information will be made available to department fiscal contacts regarding billing enhancements.

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