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Data Network Services

Gigabit Ports

The HPNP Building data network provides gigabit service (1000mbit/s) to all devices that can use it. Slower speeds apply to devices that cannot use Gigabit. The original phones purchased for the HPNP Building cannot run at gigabit speeds nor can they provide Gigabit speeds to computers or printers connected to those phones. If gigabit service is need for a device attached to a phone, the phone must be upgraded or the device must be moved to its own port.

The HPNP network also provides power over the network cable for devices capable of using it. The most prominent example of such devices are the phones at HPNP.

Wireless Networking

The HPNP Building is equipped with wireless networking using the 802.11b/g standard (aka WiFi). This service covers all interior spaces and the courtyard. This Wifi service is accessible to all parties with a Gatorlink Account.


The phones in the HPNP building are a IP phones. They use the same data network as your PC. An IP phone uses the data port typically used by your PC, but the phone then provides another data port on its base for your PC to plug into.

For more information about phones at HPNP, see HPNP Phones.

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