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Teaching at HPNP

The HPNP Complex has a variety of classrooms to meet the needs of faculty and other presenters. The building is equipped with classrooms ranging in size from 20 seats to 139 seats, plus a 500-seat auditorium and 76-seat distance learning lab. Each of these classrooms is equipped with a broad range of audio-visual services. This document includes information regarding room reservation, use of audiovisual equipment, and building access outside of regular business hours (7AM - 6:30 PM).

Room Request Forms

To reserve a classroom in the HPNP building, please complete on line either the One Time Room Request Form or the Semester Room Request Form. Completed forms will be submitted by email to roomrequest@phhp.ufl.edu and phhp-studentservices@phhp.ufl.edu. Once received you will get an email notification from the classroom coordinator confirming or denying your request.

Standard Classroom Setup


Every classroom in HPNP is equipped with a podium with an enclosed, networked PC, already attached to one or more ceiling mounted projectors.

Use of the PC within the podium requires a GatorLink username and password. For more information on GatorLink accounts, including creation, changing passwords and password resets, see www.gatorlink.ufl.edu

Using the Projectors with a Laptop

The ceiling-mounted projectors are prewired to the podiums, but they can also accept input from other sources. Located near the podium on the wall in each classroom is a faceplate with various connectors. Among these is a standard computer video connector to which you can attach a laptop. This computer video connector is equipped with a cable for use with laptops. To change video sources for the projector(s) use the remote control for the video projector(s). If other cables are required, contact the Teaching Labs staff at the HPNP building to request them. If you want to use a laptop and are unsure about the connections, please contact Jason so he can show you how to connect your laptop before your class meets.

Additonal A/V equipment is available for your use if needed. See the A/V Services from TLR for more info.

Access Your PHHP Files

College of Health Professions faculty can access their W drive and S drive from the podium PCs using Internet Explorer. Details of this procedure can be found in Accessing Home Directory from Browser. Keep in mind that this procedure will require access to the podium PC, your GatorLink username and password, and your HP Novell username and password.

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