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A/V Services from TLR

Teaching Labs provides A/V services in the HPNP building. They have on-site staff capable of diagnosing and repairing common A/V problems. They have a cache of commonly used equipment readily available to address A/V needs not met by the equipment already in the classrooms.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment in each classroom includes a podium and computer access to the web and for PowerPoint presentations. You must have a GatorLink ID to use the computer. See the podium section below for GatorLink information.) If you require additional A/V equipment, you need to check it out.

Additional Equipment

To request additional A/V equipment (projectors, TV/Video, etc) you must speak with one of the following Teaching Labs staff:

Do not leave a message on phone when attempting to reserve A/V equipment. Requests must be reserved by a person at the above numbers to ensure your request is processed. Please call early to reserve the services you need.

A/V Emergency - Please call 273-6467. George Barnett can be reached on his mobile phone at 352-745-1467.

If you have problems with A/V services at the HPNP Building, please report them to Hansford Tyler, 273-5002, hdt@vpha.health.ufl.edu. Though not a TLR employee, Ty is managing the design, purchasing, and installation of the A/V services at HPNP. If there are problems he wants to know about them.

For more information on Teaching Labs, please see their web site.

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This page was last updated Mar. 11, 2011.