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PHHP Office Move Plan 2015

In order to allow our faculty and staff to work more closely together, use our spaces more effectively, and better accommodate and plan for our continued growth, the College of Public Health & Health Professions will be doing a series of office moves over the course of the next few months.

This page will serve as the hub of information regarding PHHP's summer/fall office move project. Further details will be added as they become available.

Office Moves

During the course of this project we'll be moving faculty and staff from four different buildings. These moves will be done in "waves."

Rooms currently vacant will be filled first. Then rooms recently vacated will be cleaned, painted and patched as needed. Once that work has been done, those rooms will be filled. This cycle will continue until all four waves have been completed.

Here is the full list of affected people and spaces, as well as the order of these moves.

Timeline (tentative)

General Rules


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